Sichuan Company Participates in a Signing Ceremony of PV Projects
22-06-2022 Sichuan Company

On June 18, Sichuan Company participated in the signing ceremony of the "1+N" PV projects held by the government of Daofu County, Ganzi Prefecture.

The 500,000 kW "1+N" PV Project of Daofu Gonglyu in this cooperation is located in Seka Township, Daofu County, Ganzi Prefecture, with an altitude of 4,000m to 4,500m. It is one of the six "1+N" PV projects with a cumulative installed capacity of 2.55 million kW in Ganzi Prefecture from 2022 to 2024, and is the only batch of centralized, large-scale PV projects approved by Sichuan Province. The average annual radiation at the site of the power station is 5,892 MJ/m2, and the utilization hours in the first year are expected to be 1,616 hours.