President Shi Baofeng Meets with Mayor Cong Li of Jiamusi City
10-05-2022 CR Power

On May 7, Shi Baofeng, President of CR Power, met with Cong Li, Mayor of Jiamusi City in Shenzhen. The two sides exchanged views and reached a broad consensus on wind power project construction, UHV planning, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in hydrogen energy and energy storage, and pharmaceutical and food industry projects.

President Shi Baofeng greeted Mayor Cong Li and her delegation and thanked Jiamusi Municipal Government for its long-term support and help to CR Power. With the introduction of development history and the 14th Five-Year Plan of CR Power, he claimed that CR Power will promote the construction of the wind power project as soon as possible. Moreover, he clearly confirmed that the transformation of new energy technologies such as hydrogen energy storage is preferred to be implemented in Jiamusi, and CR Power will spare no effort to coordinate various business sectors to jointly promote the green food industrial park and the Chinese medicine industrial park to make substantial progress.

Mayor Cong Li expressed her gratitude for the efforts made by CR Power since the cooperation of the two sides and hoped to accelerate the wind power project and the joint promotion of the UHV construction. To further expand the cooperation fields and achieve win-win development, the two sides should reserve development space to lay a good foundation for the construction of the wind power project in the next step by taking a long-term view and planning in advance, deeply cultivate Jiamusi in combination with the company's development direction, and strengthen the coordination between CR Power's business forms.

After the meeting, President Shi Baofeng and Mayor Cong Li visited CR Ng Fung, CR Vanguard, and CR Sanjiu for inspection. During the inspection, they discussed and exchanged in-depth on the project investment and related business forms of the pharmaceutical and green food industries.

Qiu Shilin, the first-level inspector, and Li Shuwei, the director of the Development and Reform Commission of Jiamusi City, as well as Pang Maoshun, the Deputy General Manager of Northeast Region of CR Power and the General Manager of New Energy Company, and other leaders attended the meeting.